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Flower Essences

Flower Essences are natural remedies made from flowers that are used to help in the treatment of the mental and emotional component of dis-ease. They are taken in the form of drops taken under the tongue usually once or twice a day. Anyone can easily use the essences from babies to older people. Essences can also be very helpful for pets and animals.

Sometimes balancing the mental and emotional component of a disorder is the most important factor in the healing process. People can find themselves in life circumstances where their stresses have created symptoms with a strong emotional component and this is where the flower essences are helpful.

Flower essences are very specific remedies. For example, there are several remedies that can be used for a lack of confidence.

The same goes for anxiety and for all mental states. The best prescription for one person with anxiety can be completely different to someone else with anxiety. Flower essences are individual remedies prescribed for your unique situation!

The following list gives examples of the types of states where the essences are useful but is not necessarily a comprehensive or complete list:

  Low self esteem and confidence.
  Self expression.

  Fear and Anxiety. 

  Over-activity of the mind. Obsessiveness.

  Excessive worrying.

  Anger and resentment.
  Relationship problems.
  Mental exhaustion.
  Feeling overwhelmed.
  Grief and sadness. 
  Nervousness in public speaking.
  Vagueness and inability to concentrate.
  Feeling out of balance or ungrounded.

Scott mainly uses Essences made from native Australian flowers.

Please note: Flower Essences are not Essential Oils which have a strong aroma and are often mixed into massage oils.

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