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Naturopathy involves the treatment of an individual in a way that takes into account the whole person. The individual is treated, not the disease!

Naturopathy is a broad umbrella term whereby the practitioner can use one or more natural modalities or treatments to encourage the recuperative and self-healing capabilities of the body. It is more about creating an environment for healing to occur rather than pushing or forcing the body.

Naturopathy recognises that we are unique individuals and as such require personally tailored treatments that take account of our whole being. A naturopathic treatment program can involve treatments with natural remedies and lifestyle or dietary changes.

The process of healing, from the naturopathic perspective, can involve a clearing of energy or toxins from the system. 


Over time with either poor diet, lifestyle imbalances or prolonged stress there can be a build up tension or stagnation in the system. Energy doesn't flow and becomes stagnant. Wastes are either not removed or inefficiently removed from the body. This is where appropriate, gentle and effective action can gradually clear or detox the system.

As a naturopath with over 25 years experience, Scott Brisbane follows the 'less is best' principle. The focus of his naturopathic practice is to encourage changes in the client towards health and balance. Scott prefers client initiated change with minimal take away remedies. In keeping with this philosophy, he uses acupuncture and craniosacral treatments to help stimulate the self healing abilities of the body. He also occasionally prescribes homeopathic and flower essence remedies to help the healing process.

Scott prefers client initiated diet and lifestyle changes and only rarely prescribes vitamins and minerals preferring instead to encourage intuitive eating along with elimination diets. Often, it is not what we take that helps us but what we leave out. The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself given the right conditions and creating those conditions can sometimes be as simple as eliminating or decreasing one food or food group from your diet.

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